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Buying and selling aircraft

The purchase of an aircraft is a major commitment, and one that should be carefully considered; particularly when buying a used aircraft.

 Likewise, when selling an aircraft there is a huge amount of information and documentation that needs to be drafted, reviewed, collated and processed, before any money or an aircraft itself can change hands.

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There are many issues that need to be given serious attention when buying and selling aircraft. They include aircraft customs clearance, registration, insurance and much more.

We are ready to estimate the cost of an aircraft before the purchase and give recommendations that are very important when buying an aircraft.

Are you thinking of buying a private jet? KullJet will provide full support and assistance in maintaining and operating an aircraft.

We will prepare and set in motion all processes that allow a private jet to operate in accordance with international aviation standards.

 We know how to make owning a private jet an advantage.

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