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KullJet ground handling support is the right choice for a diversified number of operations whether it is a B747 requiring a wide-body ULD-loader, a Gulfstream crew looking for a VIP apron vehicle for their High-Net-Worth Passengers or a heated hangar for an aircraft.

 We act as the perfect balance between selecting the most reliable service provider and assuring you get the best value.

Dmytry Gudenko

Operation manager

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We rigorously audit all third parties with the pure aim to guarantee a service level that always exceeds your operational standards.

The ground support services provided by KullJet’s professional team include aircraft loading and unloading, push-back, lavatory servicing, and even the supply of portable water services.

 Our operation department is available 24/7 to provide a full range of crew and passenger services:

  • crew transfer from/to hotel
  • hotel booking
  • passangers vip orders
  • landing permition

Additionally, the company can arrange airplane maintenance to help facilitate a timely departure.

KullJet provides the the support you need when your aircraft is grounded, ensuring a positive customer experience for everyone on board.

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